CMP-8-26-2007: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 122

iriverIt’s Sunday afternoon and a very busy summer is coming to an end.  In this episode, I am proud to say I’ve put my iRiver back into the CrapMonkey Mix.  I upgraded to the M-Audio microtrack a long time back, and my ability to capture spontaneous moments has suffered ever since.  Having the iRiver back on board is already starting to pay off.  On Saturday night, outside of a bar in lower Queen Anne, I caught a great rendition of the Big Mac drive through rap (performed by some of the Seattle Pyramid Alehouse crew).  Not sure where this rap came from?  Check it out on YouTube.

This episode also boasts a guest restroom review of the Heritage Hall in Vancouver B.C., brought to us by Cosmo G. Spacely of the Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast (aka – Jacob Stewart).  The urinal in this review is truly unique, so check out the images here.

Beer lovers, we are on our way to brewfest bliss.  Here are a few to think about over the next couple of months:

The song of the day is Here with You, by Tracy Hoyt and Jeff Fielder, the website of the day is NoonHat.  Today’s program closes with “Seahawk’s, Give It All You’ve Got” by Keith Sexton.

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