DNC Streams HD with Silverlight & Move

Travis at DNCFor the last week, I’ve had the pleasure of working in Denver at the Democratic National Convention to support HD live and on-demand streaming of the convention through the DNC website: demconvention.com.  The content is being delivered to the Internet over Level3’s content delivery network using Move Network’s delivery technology integrated with a Microsoft Silverlight player developed by Vertigo.  The result is an unprecedented rich media experience that provides end users with gavel to gavel live and on-demand coverage of the convention, exclusive interviews, and behind the scenes coverage of DNC happenings.  Though conference coverage is available on many different sites, the DNC coverage is the highest quality content available and is uninterrupted by advertising or commentary.  Additionally, the site offered an alternate camera angle of the convention from the Pepsi Center and, for the first time in convention history, the site offers a Spanish feed (sponsored by Comcast).  Check out the live and on-demand media on the DNC site and let me know what you think of the experience.  
On another note, I had to include a picture of the Daily Show Bus.  The fact that it presents itself as a rebranded RATT tour bus is brilliant.  Check out other photos of the convention on flickr

Daily Show