The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #135

It’s another hot day in Seattle and there are a lot of things going on this summer.  First of all, the Oregon Brewfest is this weekend in Portland.  This is probably the best brewfest in the NorthWest.  On August 4th, you’ll want to check out the Gelato Tweetup at Microsoft Studios (co-sponsored by IABC Seattle, Microsoft Academy Mobile and SMC Seattle). Be sure to RSVP!  Gnomedex is also only a month away (aug 20 – 22), so it’s probably time to start thinking about picking up your ticket.  A couple weeks after that is the WABL Labor Day Weekend camping trip – which also sounds like a lot of fun.  Incidently, if you haven’t joined WABL yet, you ought to consider it.

Recently I picked up a toy for the office called the Mir:ror by Violet.  It’s an RFID reader designed for the average consumer and it’s a pretty fun little product.

The song of the day is Before Daylight by Zach Harjo and the website of the day is – a cool interactive recreation of the moon landing.  Finally, the show ends on Beautiful Lie by Beth Thornley.

See you at the Oregon Brewfest!