The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #138

Happy holidays and I hope you are having a festive season!  There is a temporary lull in activity so I thought it would be a good time to enjoy an Arctic Rhino and record a podcast. In this episode, I chat a bit about perfume made from beer and also about Stone Brewing’s consideration of expanding into Europe. In the tech world: if you live an active online lifestyle, you may wish to sign up for Backupify to back up your data. For that matter, you may also want to try Picnik, an online photo editing service that ties into your social networks (a must have for folks who use flickr). If your still living an “offline” life, you might bridge the gap a bit with a Smart Pen – a pen that records your written notes for syncing with your computer or online account.  By the way – there is no restroom review in tonights episode, so I thought I’d link to this article on the ladies room at 5 Spot.
The song of the day is My Way or the Highway by Travis Carl and the website of the day is the Beer Mapping Project. The show closes on Two Years Down by Stonehoney.