CMP-12-28-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 113


Happy Holidays from the CrapMonkey Podcast! What are your New Year’s Eve Plans?  Call the CrapMonkey Voice Line at 206-984-4292and let me know how you usher in the new year. If you end up being the designated driver this year, check out some of your options in the world of non-alcoholic brew.  In this episode, we chat a little about beer news (including an interesting little beer tap back-pack).  You may also wish to check out the “50 Beers to Drink Before You Die series on The Brew Site.

The Song of the day is Gut Bucket by the late, great, James Brown and the website of the day is (no, this is not a dating service).  The show ends with Fistful of We Three Kings by the High Balls, found on the Lee Harris Christmas Compilations album.

Want to chime in?  Call the CrapMonkey 206-984-4292or email to  If you are interested in finding out more about Seattle Podcasting, vidit the Seattle Podcasting Network and keep an eye on the latest happenings at the Seattle Podcasting Meetup Site.

CMP-12-12-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 112

Well, it’s Christmas time again. We spent a great weekend in Leavenworth, and the weekend before that we attended the Winter Brewfest at Hales.  I share a little audio from both events in this episode.  After a little beer news (including a reference to Santa’s Butt), we listen to a Restroom Review from Uber.

The Song of the day is On the Rocks by Speakeasy Junction and the website of the day s