CrapMonkey Gets a Pedicure

Pedicure Today, for the first time ever, I found myself getting a Pedicure.  Wendy talked me into it since, technically, we are on vacation (though we haven’t yet left the neighborhood).  Honestly, I’m not sure why I waited so long to get one of these.  You sit in an electric massage chair with your feet in a jetted foot spa.  There is some kind of mixture in the foot spa that makes the water blue and comforting (hopefully it wasn’t a Tidy Bowl Tablet!). After they trim up and file your toe nails, they scrub your feet and massage them.  Next, they lotion your feet and calves, rub the lotion in, and dry you off.  It must have taken about 30 to 40 minutes total and was quite relaxing.  Aside from Rachael Ray and Oprah on the television, it was a great experience.  For around $20 total out of pocket, it sure beats getting your hair cut. 

POC #15: Bob Maphet of Diamond Knot

Bob MaphetAll this talk about Diamond Knot in the last two episodes has made me thirsty to pull an interview out of the archives.  At the Winter Brewfest in december, I met Bob Maphet, founder and co-owner of Diamond Knot Brewery.  I was pleased to meet Bob because Diamond Knot (located in Mukilteo, Washington) brews my favorite IPA.  We had a conversation that ranged from when Bob first brewed that famous IPA to the current hops shortages that challenge the brewing industry.  Click below to listen.

POC #14: Ocho Opens its Doors

OchoOcho, a new spanish style bar in Ballard, opened its doors to the public this evening.  I had the pleasure of attending an open house reception last night and had the opportunity to preview some of the appetizers and cocktails Ocho will be featuring.  Hosted by owners Zach Harjo and Gelsey Hanson, the reception delighted all who attended and the food and drinks did not disappoint.  The menu consists of Tapas (small plates) which means you can get a tasty bite for as little as $2.  The drink prices vary.  A delicious Sangria (red or white) is $8 – which is absolutely worth it.   The $10 Margarita is a little stiff in price but also comes across as a stiff drink altogether (and given that taxes are included in the prices on their drink menu – it ends up being pretty reasonable).  Zach and I stepped out of the bar for a few minutes to have this conversation about the birth of Ocho.  Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing you at Ocho in the near future.

The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #125

Tilt PhoneIt’s 2008 and I’m starting the new year off with new toys.  In addition to upgrading to the released version of Windows Home Server and adding an Xbox into the mix, I’ve also updated my mobile phone to a Tilt.  As such, I thought I’d share my favorite mobile applications (Shozu, Windows Live Search Mobile, NewsgatorGo).  Also, my favorite blog aggregator, Feeddemon, is now free – so download your copy today.

A new bar is opening in Ballard this week that you are going to want to check out.  It’s called Ocho and is on the corner of 24th and Market (also worth mentioning, it will be opening with Diamond Knot IPA on tap).  Another cool location in the Ballard area is a new sake bar on 65th called TigerTail.  Don’t worry if you aren’t into sake because they also have an excellent beer selection (including Rogue’s Chocolate Stout on draft).  I welcomed TigerTail into town the only way I know how, with a CrapMonkey Restroom Review.

The Song of the day is “Beautiful Lie” by Beth Thornley.  The website of the day is The Beer Connoisseur multi-media beer school put out by  The show closes on a song called “Happy New Year” by Wind is Mindblowing.  Thanks for listening and Happy New Year.

Welcome to 2008!

Fling Poop

The Chinese would say that 2008 is the year of the Rat.  Here in Seattle, 2008 is going to be the year of the CrapMonkey.  Thanks for all of your support over the years and apologies for my limited and sporadic publishing as of late.  We’ll get back into the swing of things soon.  Hope your holidays were great and have a wonderful new year!  Thanks to Pete for the artwork!