CMP-05-17-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 96

Wednesday, May 17th 2006:

It’s been a hot week in Seattle and I’m anxious to get back outdoors! In this episode I am excited to announce that Jeff Fielder (who has been played countless times on this podcast) finally has a CD out. It’s not on Amazon quite yet, but expect it soon! Need a gift for Dad? Check out these bottle cap fishing lures. Join folks in the Pyramid Unfiltered Refreshment Tour (aka – Pub Crawl) in a neighborhood near you! Portland dates are listed on the website. Seattle dates are as follows: May 20th: Fremont, June 3rd: Kirkland, June 24th: Ballard, July 15th: Belltown, August 5th: Capitol Hill, August 26th: Alki. Other happenings include the Scottish Highland Games in July and Toad the Wet Sprocket is coming in August to the Moore Theatre.

The Song of the day is Done by Beth Thornley and the website of the day is Hail the Ale. The show closes on It’s No Secret by Jeff Fielder.

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Jeff Fielder’s Last Disguise

Finally, after over a year of playing Jeff Fielder’s music on the CrapMonkey Podcast, I now have a website to point you to and an album to reference.  Jeff Fielder’s new CD, Last Disguise is hot off the presses and soon to be available in the Seattle area as well as in online outlets like and Itunes.  The CD consists of ten tracks (including two covers) that come to together to form a showcase of truly superb songwriting and musicianship.  Likewise, the accompaniment of musicians like Jason Staczek, Zach Harjo, Myles Corbin, Mike Stone, Mike Musburger, Derek Brown, Darren Loucas, Ivo Nakov, and Kristen Ward make this a must have album!   


CMP-05-06-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 95

Saturday, May 6th 2006:

It’s a very busy time of year but there are a lot of interesting things going on. Mindcamp wasa blast and I learned a lot (in fact, I just bought an RFID Kit to play with). Wendy and I will be taking a roadtrip on the 101 in late June if you have any suggestions for us or would like ot hook up as we pass through your town. Intersted in HD DVD? You may want to listen to the DVD Weekly Podcast’s review of the Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD Player. If you are looking to store some content online, gives you a free gig of storage and reasonable prices for increasing the space.??Also, Smartphone users may wish to check out Microsoft’s SLAM for networking with groups while mobile.??They’re talking about making Starblazers into a movie again. (My rough draft for a live action television version of Starblazers is located here).

There is a restroom review of the Chupacabra in Phinney Ridge in this episode and the website of the day is The song selections today include Blame Amy’s Last Hurrah and Dad. Blame Amy are a great band making the rounds on podcasts and their new CD is now available for only $10 (which includes shipping).??Support indie artists and buy a copy.

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