Top Five Twitter Faux Pas

Keyboard GuyIn face-to-face conversations, sometimes our thoughts get ahead of us and things come out wrong.  In the Twitterverse, there are even more ways to trip over yourself and convey the wrong message.  However, Twitter has the added feature of archiving that stumble for generations to come.  Following are the top five ways to flub with Twitter:

  • The Gatling Tweet:  This is when Twitter is flaking out and your updates fail to update, so you continue to re-type your check in, only to have it continually fail to update.  Eventually, the site comes back to health and all of your Twitter updates rattle off one after another like a Gatling Gun -spamming Twitter with a comment that was barely worth reading the first time. 
  • The Forgotten Follower:  Once you are being followed by a decent number of people, it can be hard to keep track of the folks from your virtual posse that transcend into your real world (at least until you make a Tweet you regret): 
    • CrapMonkey is Twittering: Skipped out of work to have a beer and a shot of Jameson at the Pub.  Expensing as a “business meeting” of course.
    • (Sudden relization that the boss is a Follower)
    • CrapMonkey is Twittering: @BossMan – I was just kidding, (LOL), I’m actually filling out that TPS report I promised you.
  • The Roaming Cursor:  Let’s face it, cursors tend to roam around the browser sometimes.  Nothing worse than typing in the address of your next destination only to find that your cursor was in the Twitter Update field.
    •  CrapMonkey is Twittering: 
  • The Drunken Tweet: This one needs little explanation, but after a few too many – one should probably steer clear of Twitter.  Twitter is taking the drunken booty call public in a big way:
    •  CrapMonkey is Twittering: @hotmamma – I’m gonna come over and get my lovin’ on – yeah… I don’t care who knows it!
  • The Truncated Tweet:  We’ve all had to train ourselves in the ways of brevity, but let’s face it, sometimes we stumble and Twitter is unforgiving.  When the 140 character limit is exceeded, you can do little more than hope the part that made it conveyed your message appropriately.
    • CrapMonkey is Twittering:  I have got to say, I’ve known jenny for a long time and work out with her at the Gym all the time. I can’t wait to be invited into her Association of Fitness Instructors.

These are my top 5 Twitter faux pas, do you have any others?  Leave them in the comments.

"_____" the F@#K Out of It!

So, this isn’t the most politically correct idea I’ve ever had, but it seems handy nonetheless.  I’ve launched the first in my series of “the f@#K Out of it” properties designed to provide more value around the sites you leverage everyday.  The first is dedicated to Twitter.  Try it out and let me know what you think.  Other sites are coming online soon (and I’m looking for a volunteer developer to help if you are in the mood to do some simple pro-bono work).

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

From time to time I speak to classrooms and groups about Podcasting and RSS.  When doing so, I’ve always struggled to communicate the impact of XML over the traditional HTML that defined the web for so long.  Today at Podcamp SeattleEric Weaver played this video in his presentation and I was extremely impressed at how well it delivers the message.    

Everybody Loves Spam!

SpamThanks to rising oil prices and increased costs of food, many folks are feeling the squeeze in their grocery budgets.  As such, Spam had over a 14% increase in sales this quarter as people look for cheaper ways to feed their families.  Spam, of course, is also the product credited for the slang term used to reference junk email.  The name resonated with people after a Monte Python sketch referenced the product over a hundred times. 

Older Gas Pumps Can't Surpass $3.99

It’s a bit like the Millennium bug that threatened applications that were not prepared for the year 2000.  Some older dial gas pumps were not designed to exceed $3.99 per gallon and did not have “4” as a possible dollar amount.  Now that gas prices have shot past the $4 mark in many places; smaller, older service stations are in trouble.  Many mom and pop shops cannot afford the tens of thousands it can cost to replace the pumps.  Furthermore, it is illegal to sell gas from a pump that cannot register the price correctly.  That said, regulators understand the bind that small service stations are in and have allowed them to stay open so long as they can demonstrate they are working to retrofit or replace the pumps.  In the mean time, service stations must calculate the price of gas manually.  I suggest we keep gas below $4 a gallon to help these guys out, what do you say?  More detail can be found in this Article from the Seattle Times.

The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #128

Iron Maiden

Lots of things going on lately.  I spent the weekend bobbing in the water off Alki getting my PADI scuba open water certification.  In this episode, we talk a bit about the Iron Maiden Concert on June 2nd and listen to a couple of clips from that show – Including some thoughts Bruce Dickinson had regarding Grunge and the media coverage of it.  In this episode we cover some beer news some upcoming events including the next week’s Seattle Podcast Meetup, The Father’s Day Washington Brewers Festival, and the Phinney Neighborhood Association Beer Taste in July.

The song of the day is Movie, by Katie Davis and the website of the day is  We close the show on clips from the Iron Maiden concert.