So Much for 411

Okay, so I just heard about this on Pirillo’s podcast moments ago, but I’m as impressed as he was so I figure it warrants some blog time.  1-800-411-SAVE is the new way to access directory services from your phone.  Similar to what Movie Phone did to calling movie theaters directly, this service has the potential to make 411 type directories obsolete.  1-800-411-SAVE is an advertising based directory service.  Hence, there is no direct charge to the user.  If you don’t mind listening to a 10 to 15 second add while getting your number, you’re going to save a buck.  But that’s not really what makes this cool.  Two additional features really stand out:  First, how many times have you been disconnected when using a 411 service and had to call right back (incurring an additional charge)?  Fear not, 1-800-411-SAVE remembers the number you looked up last.  When you call, the first thing it does is ask if you’d like to hear the last number you looked up.  Second, a provided option is text messaging the number to you.  In the tests I ran, it also sent me the address of the businesses I looked up.  That is an extremely handy service.
The significant drawback this has is that it does not allow you to automatically connect to the number (and that is not a trivial drawback).  However, the ability to have the info text messaged to you overcomes that in my mind.  Once texted, you have it on your phone for a reference or you can easily add it to your contacts.  Very handy indeed. 

Rogue Chipotle Ale

The other day I was introduces to Rogue Chipotle Ale and I’ve got to admit it is very tasty.  It is a beer dedicated to Juan d Cueva who wrote of a Mexican dish that comined seedless chipotles with beer.  One tase of this ale and you will understand why Juan wrote about this combination.  To qoute the Rogue Website:

Deep golden in color with a tight head, rich malty aroma, delicately smooth and crisp flavor, and subtle chipotle chili finish. Formerly known and packages as Mexicali Rogue, Chipotle Ale is created from Northwest Harrington, Klages, and Maier Munich Malts; Willamette and Cascade hops; and Smoked Jalapeno (Chipolte) Peppers. Available in a 22-ounce (12/case), 12-ounce (24 loose/case) screened bottles, and on draft.

Oscars: The Day After Tomorrow?

Oscars: The Day After Tomorrow?
The Oscars was a pretty classy affair this year. Everyone was fairly well behaved and there wasn’t too much controversy. That said, they seemed to be trying pretty hard to convince us that Hollywood is here to guide us in our thinking and expose us to controversial issues. Thanks for showing me the way Hollywood. On the other hand, they get a lot of crap for being out of touch with the common folk, so maybe this was their year to try to convince us otherwise.
On this theme, in order to help us understand how responsible Hollywood is for highlighting improtant social issues, the academy played a montage of films that have created controversy over the years. Among them was “The Day After Tomorrow.” Did I see that right? Did I somehow miss how important that film was on the landscape of history? The Day After Tomorrow raised our awareness to global warming in the same way that Independance Day raised our awareness of intelligent life in the universe. How did that ever make the montage?

Sales Stupidity – please provide us with additional losses!

A friend of ours (who shall remain nameless) is delinquent on a purchase of a $24 item sold by the Heritage Family Library and has been for over one year.  In fact, the 12th notification reads as follows:
“We are writing to you AGAIN concerning the unpaid balance for the YOUNG PEOPLES ATLAS that was shipped to you one year ago.  Although we have repeatedly requested that you send your payment, it has not been received as of today’s date.
Your delinquent account is in the Credit Department for full collection processing.
To avoid this action, include your invoice with your check in the pre-addressed envelope, and mail it today.  Make a full payment today to avoid collection agency referral.”
Don’t worry, we are going to see that the bill gets paid.  What we found particularly humerous though was that they stuffed the collection letter with advertisements for additional products (see photos below)!  As if they decided they haven’t quite lost enough money on this customer as of yet.  With business practices like that, I have trouble feeling too sorry for their situation.   

TextPayMe – The Future is Now

How often are you in a situation where you are dining with friends, the bill comes, and all of you want to pay on a card?  Don’t you wish you had an easier way to share funds back and forth other than “spotting” each other until the next time around?  Finally, there is a way.  TextPayMe is a new service that allows for you to easily send money from one person to the next using text messaging… right from your phone.  Certainly, you can imagine the multitude of scenarios this could support as time goes on. 
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