So Much for 411

Okay, so I just heard about this on Pirillo’s podcast moments ago, but I’m as impressed as he was so I figure it warrants some blog time.  1-800-411-SAVE is the new way to access directory services from your phone.  Similar to what Movie Phone did to calling movie theaters directly, this service has the potential to make 411 type directories obsolete.  1-800-411-SAVE is an advertising based directory service.  Hence, there is no direct charge to the user.  If you don’t mind listening to a 10 to 15 second add while getting your number, you’re going to save a buck.  But that’s not really what makes this cool.  Two additional features really stand out:  First, how many times have you been disconnected when using a 411 service and had to call right back (incurring an additional charge)?  Fear not, 1-800-411-SAVE remembers the number you looked up last.  When you call, the first thing it does is ask if you’d like to hear the last number you looked up.  Second, a provided option is text messaging the number to you.  In the tests I ran, it also sent me the address of the businesses I looked up.  That is an extremely handy service.
The significant drawback this has is that it does not allow you to automatically connect to the number (and that is not a trivial drawback).  However, the ability to have the info text messaged to you overcomes that in my mind.  Once texted, you have it on your phone for a reference or you can easily add it to your contacts.  Very handy indeed. 

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