CMP-07-28-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 103

This episode is pretty random (and fairly crappy to boot).  After ranting a bit about my trip home on the bus and my tiny messy house, I share my space-saver BBQ idea (see below image).  Also, here is a link to the litter box idea from many episodes ago.  In short, it’s a system for selling litter in the litter box – so that you never have to scoop litter again.  Attach the lid to the new “bottom” and throw away the old one.


I also chat a bit about the Sunset Bowl in Ballard and the Seattle Tattoo Expo.

The song of the day is Gut Bucket by James Brown and the website of the day is the retouch demo.  We close the show with Stories and Fables.

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CMP-07-19-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 102

It’s a hot evening in Seattle… perfect night for a podcast.  Tonight I share a bit of audio from a dinner experiment I participated in last night, and I have a restroom review of Hattie’s Hat.  Summer is upon us in Seattle, so there is a lot of stuff going on.  This weekend is the Phinney Neighborhood Summer Beer Tasting, and the Georgetown Ol’ Skool Carnival.  Next weekend, you may want to head up to the Capitol Hill Block Party.  Coming up in August is the Fat Tire Tour De Fat and the Scottish Highland Games.  Better start marking up your calendar!

The song of the night is Minmae with Yr Beer is next to the Fire and the website of the day is  We end the program with the New Autonomous Folk Singers performing Pitcher of Beer.

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CMP-07-15-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 101 has finally gotten a facelift.  I migrated over to Dreamhost as my hosting provider and I have relaunched the site on wordpress.  The key benefit is that the blog, podcast and website are all integrated into one (finally).

In this episode I introduce the 2006 Passionate Podcaster Contest being hosted by the Seattle Podcasting Network and share a restroom review of Mulleady’s Irish Pub.

The song of the day is Rollin’ and Tumblin’ by Jeff Fielder and the website of the day is

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POC 7 – CrapMonkey Podcast – Pieces of Crap #7

CrapMonkey Pieces of Crap #7: Gnomedex After Party

In this nugget, we roam through Marc Canter’s Gnomedex after-party speaking to some of the folks in attendance.  Jacob Stewart, Bre Pettis, Kaliya (identity woman), Eric Rice, and Sean Bohan were kind enough to oblige. Bare in mind, it’s about 1:30am following a long day of conferencing and socializing.

CMP-07-03-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 100

Monday, July 3rd 2006:

Well, the vacation is over and Gnomedex is all wrapped up but we had a great time along the way.  Today I recap the last few days and we also have a restroom review from the Experience Music Project (with a special guest).

The website of the day is and the song of the day is the Gnomedex theme song produced by Derek K Miller.  The program ends with a guerilla impromptu buttrock recording from a bar in Seaside Oregon.

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John Edwards Leads an Open Discussion at Gnomedex

John Edwards was the keynote speaker at this year’s Gnomedex conference in Seattle.  The topics were varied, ranging from technology issues (like the recent Netwrok Neutrality debate) to political strategy (like what will it take for a Democratic candidate to win the presidential election).  The conversation was open and insightful (there was no holding back from the Gnomedex attendees).  Among several of the suggestions provided by the group was the idea of sending a blogger/podcast along with the candidates on the entire campaign trail.  Not a “stay on point – yes man” but a real blogger/podcaster exposing the candidate honestly (warts and all).  Senator Edwards seemed open to the idea, but certainly didn’t commit.  He did go so far as to say that the next winner of the presidential election will be one that people can identify with as a person, not someone staying forever “on-point” with top-down political messaging.