Office Poetry: Fires

Putting out fires – that’s what I do
From morning till night, all the day through,
Well not in the true sense of the phrase,
Never have I stepped into a blaze,
Perhaps “fighting fires” just sounds more noble,
Then shipping a package or faxing a logo,
Then tracking a bug or installing a patch,
Then configuring updates to run in a batch
Then running the conf call or training new hires
It’s much more impressive to be putting out fires
But all of these fires leave one open item,
Why does nobody ever claim to light em?

                                     – CrapMonkey Travis

Office Poetry: Troubled Outlook

… And I Wait
No sands fall from this spinning time piece,
My blueprint of the future desperately scrambles to collect the past,
Both of us, paralyzed in anticipation.
The soft hum of progress spins into a noticeable roar,
Tension builds – an elastic band stretched to its limits,
Further, and further, and further, and…
In a thunder storm of chimes my yesterdays erupt before me.
Dismiss All – I click,
And begin to feed the storm of tomorrow

                                   – CrapMonkey Travis

Office Poetry: Morning Mud

I have decided to begin a series of poems inspired by my days at the office.  I hope you enjoy them.  They will be under the category “Office Poetry” should you decide you’d like to read them all:

Morning Mud

Who were these infamous siblings?
Where are these Mythical Hills?
I must know more about this fantastic land where pure blandness can be disguised in such magnificently shiny little bags.
                      – CrapMonkey Travis