CMP-2-18-2007: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 117

Well, the weekend is coming to an end.  In this episode we have an audio snippet from our night on Ballard Avenue and there is also a restroom review of the CHAC (reviewed during the Ignite Seattle event).  Need a little nude art to go with your beer?  Perhaps has what you need.  There are a few things of interest going on in the not too distant future: Wintergrass Festival, Spitfire and SIFF Oscar Party, The Buttrock Suites, and a Kristen Hersh in-store top the list.

The song of the day is Amway by Fanny Alger and the website of the day is actually the CES coverage on Geek News Central’s Video Podcast Feed.  We close the show with On a Podcast by Cruisebox.

Beware of What Your Zune is Telling People

Zune owners know that there is a terrific community aspect enabled by the device’s wireless features. However, be cautious of how you configure your Zune in the Settings menu.  There is an option to set the level of detail your Zune broadcasts to other Zunes to either “basic” (which essentially just announces your presence) or “detailed.”  The level of detail in the latter mode really made me a bit uncomfortable, so I wanted to make sure that Zune owners were warned about the risk to privacy.  See below for an example of what I’m talking about:

Zune screen set to “basic”         Zune Screen set to “detailed”    CrapMonkey Zune 

Don’t say you haven’t been been warned!