The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #133

This edition of the CrapMonkey Podcast is a bit of a mixed bag.  In technology news, Internet Explorer 8 has released and is available for free download (you might also want to check out this funny ie8 promo video that includes web celebs like the Ask a Ninja Ninja).  Also, scientists have developed a macromolecule that should lead to a self-healing clear coat that may make your car’s paint or your devices screens repair their own scratches.  Addicted to Twitter?  Find more people to follow with  Speaking of following, you should also follow the Love Long and Prosper Podcast – so I included a fun promo for it in today’s show.

Discover Magazine has a cool series called “20 Things You Didn’t Know About…” that is worth checking out.  The topics of “Television” and “Time” are certainly worth a read.  Are you in to retro 3D?  If so, get your glasses on and check out  However, if this episode is getting you into too good of a mood, maybe you should take a look at

Finally, there is just a smidge of beer news in this eposide (since I missed the Washington Cask Festival).  Seattle Beer Week is coming up in May.  Check out the Seattle Beer Week website to learn more about what that entails.

The song of the day is Hangman by Zach Harjo and we close the show on Broken Halos.  Both songs are from Zach’s upcoming album called Dark Poems.  It’s not out yet, but you can catch Zach this Wednesday (April 1st) on KEXP or on Saturday April 4th at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard.  The website of the day is Playboy’s cover-to-cover site, a free archive of high quality, scanned playboy issues spanning the publication’s history.  Also included in this episode is a restroom review of Sully’s Lounge in Queen Anne.

What’s wrong with the picture below?  This is a rare glimpse of the Seattle Space Needle at night without its normal illumination.  The lights were shut off for one hour on Saturday night in observance of Earth Hour.  As you can see, very little of the rest of the city played along.

By the way – on Thursday, April 2nd, there will be a Tweetup at Pyramid Alehouse in Seattle. I hope to see you there! (Click the link to RSVP).

Greenwood: A Destination for Beer Lovers?

It’s nice to see Greenwood, a northern suburb of Seattle, starting to come alive with interesting places to imbibe.  The most recent addition is Pillager’s Pub, located at 8551 Greenwood Avenue.  The pub is actually a showcase for Seattle’s Three Skulls Ales brewery (which is an offshoot of Baron Brewing), though there is no onsite brewing at Pillagers.  As the name implies, the pub is pirate themed.  This theme is consistent with the beers brewed by Three Skulls Ales which include Black Bonney Porter, Pillager’s Pale, and Cutthroat Red.   It certainly makes sense to keep the brand in sync, but I am not a big fan of pirate themes and we already have the Maritime Jolly Roger just a stones throw away in Ballard.  Still, owner Jeff Smiley is a huge fan of pirates – so at least it’s derived out of personal passion and not a random marketing ploy.

Upon entering the pub, it feels a bit like entering the Tully’s that previously occupied the space.  One obvious difference is the large pirate ship battle mural that takes up the entire West wall.  It’s beautifully done and I found myself looking it over for much of my visit.  Additionally, large wood tables and matching benches line the windows and seem to encourage decent sized groups (many of the tables could seat at least six).  Still, some additional work needs to be done to really make the place feel like its own.  They were only on their second day in operation when I visited, and I sense that work is still being done.   I had a Black Bonney Porter and was quite pleased.  I also tried the Pirate Wings (traditional buffalo wings with blue cheese ) and they were a fine accompaniment.

Just south and across the Street from Pillagers Pub is Naked City Taphouse.  After my porter and wings, I shuffled over to see how Naked City was doing now that they’ve been open for a couple months.  I was  impressed with the atmosphere, the people and the beer selection.  I had originally gone to Naked City on their opening night, and it was clear they still had a few kinks to work out.  I’m happy to say they seem to have worked them out.  The menu is a bit more interesting and the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting (dimming the lights a bit made a big difference).   I had their olive tray and a beer and both were tasty.  I’m also interested to try their Pickled Hops Shoots when those are in season later in the year.  One final note: they will fill growlers with most of the beers they have on tap (though they don’t sell growlers, so you’ll have to bring your own from home).

In summary, promising establishments are opening up in Greenwood that make it a great destination for getting quality beers with neighbors and friends.   This is nice to see and I look forward to spending more time at both Pillager’s Pub and the Naked City Taphouse.  I’d also like to make it into Gainsbourg soon.  Gainsbourg is a recently opened French style lounge on the same block providing, in their own words: “unique cocktails, wonderful wines, a broad beer list and obscenely affordable French-inspired small plates.” Old standby’s like Baranof, Crosswalk, and Pig ‘n Whistle are also close by for those who want to “crawl” the neighborhood.

The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #132

In this very short episode I share a few of the latest editions to the crapmonkey family of products.  First off, has been updated to enable voting, so get out there and vote for your favorite photos and submit your own (be sure to come back often as photos will be added regularly).  Additionally, the CrapMonkey Cube Audio Clip Player is now available for general use.  Click on the “Share Audio” page from this blog to try it out.

Mix 2009 is coming up next week (March 18-20) in Las Vegas – be sure to check it out in person or online if you’re interested in  the future of the web.  Also, It’s never too early to start planning for the Oregon Brewers Festival (July 23-26th).  Get your hotel now and I’ll see you at the brewfest!

The song of the day is flickr, by Jonathan Coulton (view a great video version of it here – and a live version here).  The website of the day is  The show closes on a song called Amway, by Fanny Alger.