The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #130

Fielder Toon

It’s the first day of Fall and what better way to celebrate than with a CrapMonkey Podcast.  First off, I want to invite you to a benefit for Jeff Fielder who recently had some of his favorite instruments stolen while he was on the road with Sera Cahoone.  It will be at Station in Ballard on October 3rd (download flyer) and you may also make a donation to the Fielder cause via PayPal (note: I accidently said Oct 4th in the podcast – please note my slip of the tongue!).  In this episode, we chat about technology topics including the Democratic National Convention Online Media Gallery, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 beta 2, and Zune 3.0.  We also chat about some low tech but useful gadgets including the SwirlyGig and the Ring Thing.  In beer news, Budweiser released their newest beer American Ale (strangely released shortly after being bought by InBev).  Finally, I want to encourage you to check out the History Hackers pilot which airs Friday on the History Channel.

The song of the day is (fittingly) Rob You Blind by Jeff Fielder and the show closes on Last Disguise, also by Jeff Fielder.  The website of the day is

Tin Hat All Girl Arm Wrestle 2008

This year’s all girl arm wrestling tournament to benefit Home Alive took place on Monday evening, September 15th at the Tin Hat in Ballard.  This event is fun filled and loaded with… well, whatever is the female version of testosterone.  Sponsored by Tin Hat and PBR, the event is a Ballard favorite that just wrapped up its fourth year running.  Watch this year’s festivities below or check out last year’s event here.