POC 11 – Memorial Day Weekend Camping

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For Memorial Day Weekend we went out to Lyons Ferry Park for a little rest and relaxation.  While out in the Palouse, we visited the Palouse Falls and Dayton (including the Dayton Days Rodeo and the Skye Book and Brew).  Images from the trip are available on Flickr.  Audio is available by clicking the player below.

Bucked Child

Review: Moylan's India Pale Ale

Moylan's IPA

Moylan’s India Pale Ale

Brewer: Moylan’s Brewery

Rating: 3 CMUs (CrapMonkey Units) 

With its gold, cloudy color; this beer looks nice in the glass. Unfortunately, the aroma didn’t capture me the way I’d hoped and the taste left something more to be desired. I’m a fan of the hoppy flavor that IPA’s are known for, and Moylan’s IPA definitely brings the hops (in fact, it is dry hopped with two hop varieties). Unfortunately, the fruity hops flavor seems to overpower the rest of the beer like a choir without its bass and baritones. Moylan’s also makes a Double IPA which I have heard good things about but have not yet tried. That beer is described as having an”…enormous malt backbone like naughty monkeys on a vine. Double malt, double hops.” Perhaps the malt backbone in the double provides the balance that the single IPA is lacking.

Jeff Fielder Slides Into Nectar

Jeff Fielder played the Nectar the other day (opening for Sunday Morning Music) and had some fun playing slide guitar. I really enjoyed this clip so I figured I’d share. Look for a clip from the Sunday Morning Music performance in the near future.

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Review: Rogue Brutal Bitter

Brutal BitterRogue Brutal Bitter – 59 IBU

Brewer: Rogue Brewery

Rating: 4.5 CMUs (CrapMonkey Units)

Don’t let the name fool you, this is certainly not a brutal beer.  In fact, it is quite smooth and respectful of the senses.  The beer starts with a very good pour – foamy, but not to the point of annoyance. Additionally, the aroma suits this bitter well.  You are struck with the sense of walking into a brewery as this beer reaches your nose – a sensation that lasts the duration of the beer.  The taste is delicious, but I was expecting something a bit more hoppy and bitter given the name.  Be careful pairing food with it as it’s much more susceptible to  being overpowered than its name would have you believe.  I also have to say that it is a surprisingly even tasting beer.  The first taste that hits your tongue is nearly identical to the mild and pleasing taste it leaves behind.  I would recommend this as an after-dinner beer, perhaps on a Sunday evening on the patio as the sun sets.  To that end, a very mild cigar would also share the stage with a Brutal Bitter quite nicely.  

American Craft Beer Week is Approaching

Great American Beer TourAs if you needed an excuse to drink beer, the week of May 14th through 20th is American Craft Beer Week.  With nearly 1500 craft breweries now operating in the United States, the average american lives within 10 miles of a brewery.  Celebrate your freedom of choice and your inalienable right to flavor by visiting your neighborhood brew pubs and enjoying a cold beer.  

If you really want to celebrate the glories of beer, join the Great American Beer Tour!  Download this passport and have it signed by brewery employees as you transform yourself into a tourist on the ultimate journey to beer Nirvana.  Have your passport signed at each of your destinations and be eligible to win prizes (including the grand prize: a trip to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver).   Not sure where to start your Journey?  Beertown has some great tools for putting together your itinerary, like this brewery locator.  Life is too short to drink bad beer.  Let American Craft Beer Week serve as a great reminder to slow down and smell the hops.

CMP-5-5-2007: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 119

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  In this episode, I share a little beer news (mark your calendars for the Washington Brewer’s Guild’s Fathers Day Beer Festival).  Also, if you are a buttrocker at heart, you may want to plan to head to Rocklahoma in July.  You’ll have a chance to see all of your favorite hairbands in one crazy weekend in Oklahoma.

The song of the day is Guacamole by Comfy Chair and the website of the day is visitmix.com.  The show closes on a song called Beer Toast by Bobby Chitwood.