Review: Rogue Brutal Bitter

Brutal BitterRogue Brutal Bitter – 59 IBU

Brewer: Rogue Brewery

Rating: 4.5 CMUs (CrapMonkey Units)

Don’t let the name fool you, this is certainly not a brutal beer.  In fact, it is quite smooth and respectful of the senses.  The beer starts with a very good pour – foamy, but not to the point of annoyance. Additionally, the aroma suits this bitter well.  You are struck with the sense of walking into a brewery as this beer reaches your nose – a sensation that lasts the duration of the beer.  The taste is delicious, but I was expecting something a bit more hoppy and bitter given the name.  Be careful pairing food with it as it’s much more susceptible to  being overpowered than its name would have you believe.  I also have to say that it is a surprisingly even tasting beer.  The first taste that hits your tongue is nearly identical to the mild and pleasing taste it leaves behind.  I would recommend this as an after-dinner beer, perhaps on a Sunday evening on the patio as the sun sets.  To that end, a very mild cigar would also share the stage with a Brutal Bitter quite nicely.  

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