Rogue Chipotle Ale

The other day I was introduces to Rogue Chipotle Ale and I’ve got to admit it is very tasty.  It is a beer dedicated to Juan d Cueva who wrote of a Mexican dish that comined seedless chipotles with beer.  One tase of this ale and you will understand why Juan wrote about this combination.  To qoute the Rogue Website:

Deep golden in color with a tight head, rich malty aroma, delicately smooth and crisp flavor, and subtle chipotle chili finish. Formerly known and packages as Mexicali Rogue, Chipotle Ale is created from Northwest Harrington, Klages, and Maier Munich Malts; Willamette and Cascade hops; and Smoked Jalapeno (Chipolte) Peppers. Available in a 22-ounce (12/case), 12-ounce (24 loose/case) screened bottles, and on draft.

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