Sales Stupidity – please provide us with additional losses!

A friend of ours (who shall remain nameless) is delinquent on a purchase of a $24 item sold by the Heritage Family Library and has been for over one year.  In fact, the 12th notification reads as follows:
“We are writing to you AGAIN concerning the unpaid balance for the YOUNG PEOPLES ATLAS that was shipped to you one year ago.  Although we have repeatedly requested that you send your payment, it has not been received as of today’s date.
Your delinquent account is in the Credit Department for full collection processing.
To avoid this action, include your invoice with your check in the pre-addressed envelope, and mail it today.  Make a full payment today to avoid collection agency referral.”
Don’t worry, we are going to see that the bill gets paid.  What we found particularly humerous though was that they stuffed the collection letter with advertisements for additional products (see photos below)!  As if they decided they haven’t quite lost enough money on this customer as of yet.  With business practices like that, I have trouble feeling too sorry for their situation.   

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