POC 12 – LightSnake USB to XLR Cord Review

LightSnakeMy friend Drew loaned me his latest purchase, a LightSnake Luminescent USB to XLR Microphone Cord.  I figured that the best way to test it out would be to record a podcast, so that’s what this Piece of Crap is all about.  You can’t get much better than this when it comes to simplicity.  Plug-n-Play ensures that it is instantly recognized on the computer and installed so that you are ready to record in a flash.  For a podcaster, this is great as it easily lets you plug into your home PC or laptop without additional equipment or even a sound card.  If the simplicity and sound quality is not enough to sway you, perhaps the green glow illuminating from the USB and XLR connectors at either end will provide enough cool factor to win you over.  At only $40 on Amazon, I’d say this is a worth while addition to the podcasters’ tool kit.  (Beware though, no phantom power means this may not be a universal solution for everyone).  Click below to listen to the podcast recorded using the Lightsnake:

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