The Oregon Brewfest is Worth the Trip

Oregon Brewfest

This post is long overdue.  Two weeks back, a group of us hopped a train and headed down to Portland for the weekend.  Portland was a great town, but the highlight of the weekend was definitely the Oregon Brewfest.  The amount of beer pouring was incredible and the people there were great.  Overall, the event could use a little more organization in order to deal with the huge amount of foot traffic that was lining up for pogs and beer.  The lines were so long that it became impracticle to get “tastes” of beer.  After the long wait to get to the pouring station, filling the glass to the top became an imperitive.  Hopefully they will be able to correct this problem for future events because everything else about the festival runs smoothly and the event will definitely hold a reoccuring place on my summer schedule.  Images of the event (and the trip to Portand) are available on Flickr and media is available for downlaod below in Windows Media format.

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