CMP-1-21-2007: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 115

It’s Sunday night and I’m sipping a Mactarnahan’s Blackwatch Porter.  Wendy and I checked out Bodies: The Exhibition in Seattle this weekend and I recommend it to anyone who is able to get there.  Last Thursday the Seattle Podcasting Network Meetup featured a discussion on portable media, podcasting and user generated content that is available for download. Need an idea for Valentine’s Day?  What about a night out at Hales Brewery? Also worth noting: the 8th Annual Washington Cask Beer Festival is coming up in March and tickets will go fast. Following are a couple of fun links:

The song of the day is Agony in June by Sunday Morning Music (buy the album on Amazon) and I close the show on a song by Phil Hurley.  The website of the day is (following the website of the day, I go on a brief tangent about WPF/E and the Microsoft Expressions Suite).

By the way, CrapMonkey now has a MySpace site… want to be friends?

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