CMP-08-21-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 105

It’s been a while since I’ve delivered a show, but I have a long one for you tonight.  First of all, head on out to and check out the podcasts we did with the Youth Media Institute as well as the great podcasts created by the DigiGirlz Technology Camp.

In this episode, we share a little beer news (including a product called the beer belly), I also share some conversation from a Fantasy Football draft I attended this weekend.  Not getting your fill of restroom reviews lately?  Check out these video game restroom reviews at Maxim Online.

The song of the day is Stories and Fables by Jeff Fielder and Zach Harjo.  The Website of the day is (check out WABL if you are a Washington beer lover).  We close the show with a song called Flames in Synergy by a band called Inner Surge (keep an eye on these guys).

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