The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #131

It’s amazing how fast the time goes.  In this episode, we listen to a brief audio clip from the last sunny day of the season when Wendy and I attended the Oyster Run in Anacortes (photos available here).  Winter’s not all bad though, the 4th Annual Winter Brewfest is at Hales Ales on December 5th and 6th.  Starting to compile your Christmas list?  Perhaps the beer lovers on your list might like this remote control beer cooler.  Or, perhaps you’d rather get creative and make your own portable kegerator.

I’m extremely pleased to note that Redhook has released their Double Black Stout for a limited time (production of the beer was halted in 2000).  This was my favorite beer back in the late 90s when it was brewed with Starbucks coffee, and it’s still quite delicious today – though I don’t know what coffee they use now.

Lately I’ve been using a new service call ChaCha.  This service is a great way to get information on the fly – just text 242242 with any question, and they will text you back an answer.

The website of the day is Truemers and the Song of the day is Evelee, by Darren Lucas.  Today’s episode closes on Something New by John Francis.  Click the Arrow below to listen to the episode.

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