Tawdry Tasters try the Malt Liqueur Beers

After a week of fine brews from around the country, some of these beers were a bit hard to swallow.  That said, whenever the Tasters have a tasting, good times are had.  Below are the results (and my stomach still hurts a bit).  The rating scale is between 1 and 10 – the top ranking beer on this list was a 5.8.
Old English 800 – High Gravity       4.5
Elephant Beer (from Carlsberg)     2
Micky’s Ice                                      4                 
Warka (from Poland)                      2
Steel Reserver 211                        5.8
Steel Reserve Triple Export           5
Harnas – Poland                             4
Micky’s                                           3.5
Fosters                                          4.9
Raineer Ale                                    5
Hurricane Ice                                 5.3
Okocin                                            5.3
Red Dog                                         5.9
Old English                                     5.25
So there you have it.  I’ve never had most of these beers before, and I will likely never have one again, but stranger things have happend.

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