The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #126

Beer ArtIn this episode we go over a litte beer news, including a cool initiative by Boston Brewing to help get smaller breweries through the hops shortage.  Additionally, CJ from the Love Long and Prosper Podcast gave me a heads up that the Pheonix Zoo is hosting Zoo Brew 2008 in April.  In other news, HDDVD is dead and the Mix08 conference is about to kick off online and in Vegas in early March.  A few weeks ago we featured an interview with owner of the Ballard bar, Ocho – Zach Harjo.  In this podcast you’ll find a review of the Ocho restroom and a song from Zach’s upcoming album (Zach will be playing at the Tractor Tavern on Tuesday Feb 26th at 9pm).

The song of the day is Dead Leaves by Zach Harjo and the website of the day is

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