POC #17: Maui Brewing Company

Maui Brewing Company

On Monday, we made the trek into Lahaina to check out the beers brewed by the Maui Brewing Company.  Located on the NorthWest side of the island, this award winning brewery is both charming and unique.   Their beers range from blonde to Stout and include everything in between.  In this Piece of Crap we speak with beer-tender, Anton, about topics ranging from the beers themselves to the reasons the brewery chose to package in cans instead of bottles.

Maui Brewing

Most of the beers in the Maui Brewing company line were enjoyable, but a couple that stood out were the Big Swell IPA (57 IBU) and the Coconut Porter (and I don’t even like coconut).  Click below to hang with us at the brew pub and, by all means, when in Maui – be sure to check out the Maui Brewing Company.

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