Seattle MindCamp Half Way Point

It’s midnight: Seattle Mindcamp is officially half over and it has been pretty interesting so far.  It started with lunch at noon, after which, we introduced ourselves and described our interests in only three words (mine were media, technology and beer).  After the introductions, the group started to sign up for sessions.  Within moments, the conference was literally born on a blank sheet of giant butcher paper.  The first session I attended was on MindMap, an idea organizing tool from Mindjet.  The second session I checked out was on social networking as it pertains to mobile devices.  It was an interesting session, but I’m not all that enthuised about using my cell phone in such ways… at least not today.   The next session I attended was my favorite so far – RFID Toys.  It was a great session explaining RFID and its uses.  The session presenter had RFID chips implanted in his hands (see Pieces of Crap #5 in the podcast feed).  
After that session, it was time for dinner.  We had a delicious spread of chicken and fish – very tasty.  After dinner I spent some time chatting with folks and then watched a short documentary called “Invisible Children.”  A fairly sad story about the trials of children in Africa.  After watching the movie, I rolled out back where I witnessed a hard drive being completely melted into oblivian in a slow explosion (I forget what chemicals were involved…).  Needless to say, data will not be recovered from that drive. 
Now it’s past midnight… and I’m parked on the floor doing a little blogging.  Images are available on Flickr.
Over all rating:  Seattle Mindcamp 2.0 is a raging success.

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