The CrapMonkey Podcast Episode #124

owed In

Fun times with beer are just around the corner.  This weekend you’ll want to check out the Pyramid Snowed In Party at the Seattle Brewery.  The Presidents are the Friday night headliner and the Dandy Warhols are Saturday’s attraction (besides the SnowCap of course).  Click here for more details.  On November 30th and December 1st, don’t miss the Winter Beer Festival at Hales Brewery.Omaha in Ropes

In this podcast I have a couple of audio clips from the Podcast and New Media Expo.  At the Wizzard Media party, I ran into Omaha Sternberg of MacRadio getting tied up by GrayDancer, producer of the Ropecast (who was there on behalf of  Photos are on Flickr.

The song of the day is There She Goes by Brother Love and the website of the day is the Association of Downloadable Media.  The show closes on Two Years Down by Stonehoney

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