CMP-6-30-2007: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 121

Can you believe we are half way throught 2007 already?  In this episode, I chat a bit about Seattle Mindcamp and the iphone.  I also share a little bit of beer news.  TurboNegro has released a new album called Retox, so I thought I’d dust off an old Spool Sample from Party Animals.

The song of the day is The Hold Music Song by yours truely, and the website of the day is

Also, I forgot to mention it in the episode, but The Clintons were trying their hand at being funny a little while back with their spoof of the Sopranos (the purpose being to get people to submit campaign song suggestions).  I can’t say that they actually achieved humor, but at least they gave it a shot.  They did prove one thing I’ve always suspected… Democrats don’t know how to deinterlace video.

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