CMP-06-01-2006: CrapMonkey Podcast Episode 97

Thursday, June 1st 2006:

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend camping trip and had a lot of fun out in nature. We also enjoyed getting out of the elements now and again at the C7 Bar in Quincy (go C7 Junkies). There are a few film festivals you may be interested in. The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), the Seattle True International Film Festival (STIFF), and the Stranger’s Amateur Porn Film Festival (HUMP). Also, be sure to check out for interviews fresh from SIFF.  Looking for something to do this weekend? The Georgetown Music Festival and the Pike Place Market Street Festival are a couple of things to consider. A little further out, you may want to mark the calendar for the Fremont Fair on June 17 and 18 and the Seattle International BeerFest June 30th through July 2 (great way to finish off Gnomedex, eh?).

The Song of the day is Orange by Boldface and the website of the day is more of a product really… Windows Media Player 11 is now in beta!

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